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It's Only Been....A Year - Whoops!

Logan : Hello fellow drama lovers! It’s been awhile - although I know it seems like lately every time I come to you with greetings that’s what I say. Needless to say, it’s been a busy year since DramaFever shut down. However, for me, it’s also been a year full of amazing new memories and experiences. While I have made more time for some of my other passions this year Kdramas are still my first and most ardent love so while our output may have slowed, you won’t see me saying goodbye to them any time soon (ever).  Tiara : It’s been a year. It’s sad that we couldn’t bring more posts or memes. Hopefully someday we’ll be better at posting more often. DramaFever was something I made time out of my busy schedule. I know I wasn’t alone. It was the community. Finding a place you could go and talk about dramas was a highlight. With DramaFever being gone, it’s been hard for me to get into dramas like I use too. Okay, my focus has been on CDramas, but I just feel lost trying to watch KDrama

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