My Mister Ep 1 & 2 memes

My Mister is a dark and depression look into the mundane lives of our characters. Yet, the other half is the cut-throat world of business succession. The drama is clearly a melodrama, but the slice of humor woven into the drama helps fight off the bleakness. The office politics is surprisingly intriguing. I normally don't go for these types of dramas and picked this drama because of my love for IU.

By the way, IU is amazing and that isn't just my bias for her coming out. Her character Ji An is smart, tough, and covered in impenetrable armor. Her actions speak louder than her words. I wish I could just give her a hug. Dong Hoon is the complete opposite who has a kind heart. Life is pulling those two together to comfort and help the other. Mostly, I can't wait for Dong Hoon and his brother take in Ji An and her grandma. Once they do, Ji An will not be the only one receiving help, but Dong Hoon and his brothers might learn and grow from this relationship.



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