DramaFever gives a rose to the Bachelorette

Tiara: DramaFever just launched its “DramaFever Journey” where they got the license for 5 season of the Bachelorette. I have to admit when you texted me this morning, I thought you were joking. DramaFever is a site all about world TV and movies. Most of the content is Asian dramas, but they dabbled in other foreign dramas. I just never thought, yeah the Bachelorette and DramaFever is a perfect match.

Logan: I, too, thought it was an April Fool’s joke at first. I mean…The Bachelorette is the exact OPPOSITE kind of content I come to DramaFever for.  No offense to anyone who likes it, seriously I have nothing against people liking it, but how of all places did it end up in our sacred Asian Drama sanctuary that I thought DramaFever was?  

Tiara: I know some people who are hardcore fans of the Bachelorette. It is their guilty pleasure and you should like what you want to like. I just don’t like why I’m paying for Asian content to get crappy American variety show. I would rather my money go towards licensing more Asian dramas or variety shows. I agree Logan, DramaFever was my Asian Drama sanctuary and now I feel like it’s being over run over with the Bachelorette. What else is DramaFever planning on adding next?  

Logan: I was just really surprised and confused that they would do this. I always thought that DramaFever had a pretty good understanding of their fanbase. They know what we like, what we don’t like, etc - because we tell them. So what would make them think that we would like The Bachelorette? But then I remembered something. DramaFever has been owned by Warner Brothers for awhile now. And was it possible that Warner Brothers owned the rights to the Bachelorette? Sure enough - they do! Hmmm...  

Tiara: It does seem fishy. I get they are a business and they want more viewership/membership. I just don’t see anyone paying $49.99 just to see 5 seasons of the Bachelorette if they aren’t already into Asian Dramas. Clearly by the reviews/comments on DramaFever’s website and youtube page, we Asian Drama fans do not want this.

 Logan: Honestly, I just feel insulted by this move. When I first discovered DramaFever nearly 7 years ago now, I was so grateful. Grateful to finally find a place with seemingly endless content that was completely different than the repetitive programming I was exposed to in Western Culture. Programming that had what I felt like was more interesting plots, characters, and values. The Bachelorette has none of those qualities. So to compare the two and assume that people who like one will like the other means that they really don’t understand what it is that is appealing about Asian dramas in the first place.  

Tiara: It does feel like an insult to us, I agree with you there. I watch a handful of Western shows anymore. I use to love and binge watching western shows all the time until I found DramaFever. I spend more time on DramaFever than I did with my cable and DVR. Of course, there are other options out there besides DramaFever. I’ve been on Viki for as long as I have DramaFever. I do like DramaFever with their professionalism. I feel the fans who subtitle for Viki get the short end of the stick. However with DramaFever’s move to add content like the Bachelorette makes me worry about the future of Asian Drama content. You are also right, Logan about the values between the two. I’m sorry but the Bachelorette is not about love or romance.

Logan: Some of you may think it’s kind of silly to be complaining about something like this, but isn’t it kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back? Lots of viewers have been increasingly disillusioned with DramaFever’s decrease in content, specifically Korean, lately. I know that there are some licensing issues and was understanding of that. But I’ve seen a lot of comments from people pointing out that they’re paying for DramaFever. They don’t want to pay for this programming that 1) They don’t even like and 2) They could see on normal TV in America had they wanted to. Especially when they feel like they’re not getting the programming they want anymore.

Tiara: Is this the effect from the deal between Viki and Kocowa? DramaFever can’t get the license like it use too so it decides to add the Bachelorette? I’m surprised they don’t go after more Japaneses, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas if Kocowa has stopped them from getting more KDramas. As I said before, I would rather my money go to more Asian Dramas/Variety shows than to what I can get if I turn on my cable. I don’t see all those people coming to DramaFever because they have the Bachelorette spending $49.99 just to watch the 5 seasons.

 Logan: We have a history of being honest so when something ridiculous like this happens we can’t help but express our opinion, no matter where our loyalties lie. It almost felt as if we had no choice but to say “Hey, DramaFever - this is kinda weird” and maybe troll them with some memes along the way. Because what good are memes for if not trolling ;)  

Tiara: I’m thankful to have found DramaFever 7 years ago. It started my crazy addiction to Asian Dramas, but it also helped me see another part of the world I wasn’t familiar with. I’m grateful to DramaFever because I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to meet my wonderful chingu Logan. DramaFever has also given us a place to display our memes and talk dramas, but it doesn’t mean we should be silent. We aren’t trying to be mean, but to express our feelings and concerns with the direction DramaFever is moving towards. We both hope DramaFever will continue to spread the love of Asian Dramas. Enjoy our trolling memes:


  1. O_O How did I miss that announcement? So weird. It makes me sad how difficult it is to find licensed Japanese and Taiwanese dramas too.

    (Though when it comes to Dramafever vs Viki, I often prefer Viki, even though it takes longer, because they usually retain Korean terms - Hyung, Ahjumma, Oppa, etc. In Marry Him if You Dare, the older Mi-rae kept calling her brother Oppa which wierded him out since he didn't know she was his sister from the future and he told her to call him by his name. But Dramafever's translation was "Quit calling me Na Joo-Hyun! Call me Na Joo-Hyun!" rofl)

    Oh - it's been driving me batty not to point you to a screenshot begging to be memed - in Episode 15 of Hwayugi when Ma Wong is all "Hell no! Hell no to the max!"

    1. They didn't make an announcement really but a lot of us fans noticed new content and were thrown off. I always liked aspects of both DramaFever and Viki. I liked the professionalism of DramaFever's subtitles and website, but in the end the most important thing ends up being content so I guess whoever has the best content gets the most viewers, right? Personally I prefer Kdramas to anything else so I'll just go where the best Kdramas are :)


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