It's Only Been....A Year - Whoops!

Logan: Hello fellow drama lovers! It’s been awhile - although I know it seems like lately every time I come to you with greetings that’s what I say. Needless to say, it’s been a busy year since DramaFever shut down. However, for me, it’s also been a year full of amazing new memories and experiences. While I have made more time for some of my other passions this year Kdramas are still my first and most ardent love so while our output may have slowed, you won’t see me saying goodbye to them any time soon (ever).  Tiara: It’s been a year. It’s sad that we couldn’t bring more posts or memes. Hopefully someday we’ll be better at posting more often. DramaFever was something I made time out of my busy schedule. I know I wasn’t alone. It was the community. Finding a place you could go and talk about dramas was a highlight. With DramaFever being gone, it’s been hard for me to get into dramas like I use too. Okay, my focus has been on CDramas, but I just feel lost trying to watch KDramas at time. Granted, I’m lucky to have Logan who I can talk to, but not everyone is as lucky as us.

Logan: I totally am with you there on missing the community of DramaFever, Tiara. Through their platform and social media outlets, I feel like they always did a really good job of providing a place where you could meet other fans and even go on to become friends. I’ve still kept up with Kdramas but not nearly to the extent. There was a time that I was watching 4-5 new dramas at once and it was like you mentioned - I made time because not only did I love dramas but I loved getting to talk to others about them. While other sites have certainly provided us with a lot of Kdrama content, I don’t feel like anyone stepped up and provided the same type of community. 

Tiara: You’re right Logan. The whole of community that DramaFever created has been left unfilled by anyone. I do want to say that Viki and Netflix has done a great job of filling the void of content. Hotpot TV is helping bring CDramas. Not to mention, there are a ton of CDramas being uploaded by the channels for fans to subtitle or have been sub. There is no lack of content, but none of these sites have given us the community like DramaFever. It’s like the end of an era. Logan: No lack of content at all, but thinking back to shortly before this time last year it’s like peering into a different world in terms of the community we were part of. Granted, as Tiara pointed out, she and I do still have each other to talk about dramas as well as a good handful of other Kdrama friends we’ve been fortunate to make over the years. We are lucky to still have our drama community and that further highlights what a bummer it isn’t that there isn’t a universal place people can go for that community anymore. 

Tiara: Our Drama Club is pretty awesome. Meeting some of our members and you, Logan, was fantastic this year. We sat there eating and talking for two hours, but it didn’t feel like it at all. Despite having the community of our little Drama Club, I still feel the void of DramaFever. A year later and I still can’t delete the app on either my phone or tablet. It’s the memories of the DramaFever Drama Club. If it wasn’t for DramaFever, I might not have found KDramas nor made friends with Logan. 

Logan: That is one thing that makes me particularly sentimental about DramaFever - the friendships and interactions with so many different people it’s brought into my life. I’ve said it a hundred times but if it wasn’t for DramaFever’s encouragement to do so, I would have never started making memes. It was through my memes that I connected with so many people. Now, some of those relationships that started because of DramaFever have become real-life friendships. As Tiara mentioned we have meet-ups with our drama club - we go to concerts, eat Korean BBQ, and even spot celebrities together! The fact that I website I discovered by chance has lead to all these wonderful things in my life makes me kind of emotional. LOL. 

Tiara: OMG Stray Kids’ concert was an awesome memory for many reasons. Haha being in the same hotel as your idols is pretty cool. Having breakfast a few feet away evening better. That all happened before the concert. The concert was pretty great despite losing my hearing in my ear from a screaming girl. Getting to meet Logan for the first time was a highlight. We’ve known each other for so many years but never gotten the chance to meet up until now.  

Logan: Our Stray Kids concert experience is unrivaled in my books. Not to mention all the other awesome things about the trip, but the fact that it’s been 4 ½ years since our very first post together and this was our first time meeting made it pretty cool. I’ve been to a lot of kpop concerts this year actually, a large reason why I’ve been busy. I’ve gone to more kpop shows in the last year than I had other shows in my entire life. For me, the kpop community has been able to give me back some of the community I lost when DramaFever left us. Finding a place where you can interact with others who share your hobby is an awesome thing

Tiara: I’ve become the designated KPop taker. Not that I’m complaining, but these boys are just way too young. They are very talented boys and I do appreciate the hardwork, but it’s a little awkward. Besides seeing Stray Kids, I did get to see Imfact. Got a sign CD, group photo, a hi-tough and individual snapshot photos with each member of the group. Awkward, but fun. The concert was pretty great. English is not their first language and they really tried to make a connection with their fans. I loved the lanyard with our names in Korean. It was sweet when they said your name at the table when signing the CD. Still awkward, but boy did I enjoy the concert. I’m also getting dragged to see A.C.E in December. I’m sad that I couldn’t see them in your city Logan.  

Logan: As we get older and kpop idols keep getting younger and younger it does start to get a bit strange. Even with Kdrama actors. When I first started watching and listening to kpop, I was the same age or younger than most. Now I fall firmly into the “noona” category. HAHA. But I’ve at least got to try to stay young at heart. I’d list my concerts, but my kpop concert count is now over 30. LOL But another cool thing I did this year - one of my favorite things - was to go to KCON for the very first time. I’ve dreamed of going for years and I have to say, it was as awesome as I could have hoped. The k-beauty, k-drama, k-food, and of course kpop extravaganza was a blast. Going back to the feeling of community, it was very strong there. I interacted with so many crazily cool people. Everyone was kind and just there to have a good time. Highly recommend it to anyone who ever gets a chance to go. 

Tiara: How did we become “noonas” … when did this happen? Maybe one day, you’ll be able to get me to go to KCON. However, I’m enjoying the tiny concerts, but you might have me there if IU is a guest. I’d have too. What dramas have you watched this year Logan?

Logan: Well, speaking of IU, you have to know I watched Hotel del Luna. An obvious blockbuster favorite among the Kdrama fandom so no surprise there. However, for me, my sleeper favorite this year was Mr. Temporary with Yoon Kyun Sang. So suspenseful and well-written. How about you, Tiara?

Tiara: Of course, Hotel del Luna. If IU is in it, I’m pretty much going to try to watch it. No brainer that that one was a hit. I Wanna Hear Your Voice was fantastic. It gives me a lot of I Remember You vibes. It’s totally a drama to add to your list. Mr. Temporary is on my list. I might start it this week. Feeling the mood for a nice suspenseful drama. Non-KDramas - Goodbye My Princess has the best OST so far this year. Yes, better than Hotel del Luna. The drama is a tear jerker so bring tissues and get ready for palace politics. Le Coup de Foundre is my favorite so far this year. It gives me a lot of Answer Me series vibes as it follows a group of friends from high school and beyond. My current obsession is Ever Night. I finally got around to watching it and boy I wished I got to it sooner. However, season 2 hasn’t been announced so maybe it’s a good thing I waited. Currently trying to read the book. It’s got cultivation, romance, palace politics, and action. I really want season 2. *cries* 

Logan: Ooo, I’ll have to check out I Wanna Hear Your Voice - I did love I Remember You. Another drama I forgot to mention that I watched this year was Kingdom. I’ve always been a zombie fan so I was impressed and in love with the way they told the story. I’m so excited for the next half to come. It ended on such a cliffhanger. Netflix really did an amazing job at producing a Kdrama. They also knocked it out of the park for me with My First First Love. Anyone who’s read our previous posts and memes might be aware of my not so secret crush on Jisoo so I guess it was probably just as expected that I watched and loved this drama it was for Tiara to watch an IU drama. Haha. 

Tiara: My guilty pleasure drama this year was Well-Intended Love. I found a new dramaland boyfriend in Xu Kai Cheng. The drama was super cheesy and very much a cliche drama troupes, but I enjoyed the crap out of it. Can’t wait for season 2. Rise of the Phoenixes was a “Netflix original” last year. A great drama of palace politics that could rival Nirvana in Fire, but those last 10 minutes really pissed me off. Kingdom is on my list, but I feel kind of zombie out. I will at some point get to it. I’m currently watching The Tale of Nokdu. Super cute so far. Are you watching anything currently Logan or are you between dramas?

Logan: Oh congrats on your relationship, so happy for you! Haha. Cheesy dramas are sometimes the best honestly. I’m sure everyone has that drama that’s a little over the top but they can’t help but go back and rewatch (okay I have several that meet this description) because they just give you such feel-good vibes. I’m also watching Nokdu - love the leads and the concept. It’s very refreshing to have a gender-bender that’s the reverse of what we’ve typically seen in Kdramas. 

Tiara: Thanks for the congrats. I’m slowly working on watching all of Xu Kai Cheng’s dramas. I must support him. I’ve been in the mood for a good cheesy drama. But you’re right, Logan, those are the best kind of dramas. Are there any dramas coming out that you are looking forward too? Or is there a drama you want to marathon? 

Logan: I have to admit I don’t have my finger on the pulse of up-and-coming dramas as much as I used to. I still follow all my old favorites so I usually am slightly cognizant when they’re coming out with a new project but for the most part I stay surprised, which honestly has some advantages. I’m able to go into a lot of dramas without any prior knowledge/expectations. It’s a little like it was back when I first started watching dramas and I just chose what to watch based on the plot/what caught my eye. I feel like for the last few years I leaned towards dramas that were hyped or had actors on my radar and I think I could have missed out on some good dramas because of that. How about you, Tiara?

Tiara: I feel you about not being in the know about upcoming dramas as I use to be. I am on the edge of my seat for season 2 of Ever Night. All those behind the scenes stuff I’ve seen just makes me giddy inside. After Kim Soo Hyun’s guest star on Hotel del Luna, I’m excited to see him come back with a drama. I think I read something that he was looking at projects. I’ve heard some good things about Vagabond and might have to check it out. That drama for me looks like Gu Family Book season 2. LOL. A new drama with Lee Jun Ki would be nice. If IU joins said drama, that would be the closest we’ll get for season 2 of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It’s my wish list. 

Logan: It will be nice to see Kim Soo Hyn in a drama again. It’s been too long. His Hotel del Luna cameo was fantastic. Speaking of Hotel del Luna cameos, although a lot of good things happened this year we’ve also experienced an unspeakably sad one. I was devastated to hear about the passing of Sulli, who’s Hotel del Luna cameo was delightful. F(x) was one of the first kpop groups I ever listened to, I was a big fan. And as a drama lover I thought To The Beautiful You was adorable. A very tragic loss.

Tiara: Sulli’ passing this week was a shock and super sad. F(x) was a favorite group of mine. I wished they could have had more albums and comebacks. Sulli’ guest cameo was fantastic and it's a shame that will be her last role. She had such a big and bright future ahead of her. The pressures of life can be hard and I can only imagine the pain and pressures she faced being in the limelight. Hopefully something can be done for the mental health of these idols now and for the future generation. I feel like everytime Sulli was on a variety show or video, she had this wonderful smile. It’s how I’ll remember her by. But it also makes me sad that behind that bright smile was pain and depression. 


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